YMCA parassala

Christian young men of parassala can reasonably feel proud to recall that the idea of the YMCA loomed in the minds of their grand-parents even more than a hundred years ago; for, it is quoted on page 3 of the parassala Pastorate Golden Jubilee Souvenir published in 1943, that “it is seen in the Annual Report of the Trivancore District Committee(of the LMS) for 1858, that young men were meeting weekly to study, church history and other useful knowledge”. However, there are records to show that an association, with the name of the YMCA was actually started on 28-10-1909 by the Rev. A.T. Foster, Missionary of the L.M.S in parassala. Mr. S. Manual, the first Rural Secretary of the YMCA was responsible for infusing men of this locality and the late Mr. S. Devasahayam, Mr. V. Y. Isaiah and Mr.G. Lazarus served the Association with all earnestness for some years as Secretaries. Maintenance of a Reading Room and conduct of essay meetings were among the chief activities of the Association then. But after some years of services into insignificance, Subsequently there had been several attempts for revival.

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