YMCA was actually started on 28-10-1909 by the Rev. A.T. Foster, Missionary of the L.M.S in parassala. Mr. S. Manual, the first Rural Secretary of the YMCA

In 1930 Rev.G.Ebenezer called the spirited youths to assemble in the Church verandah on every Full Moon days.

On 28.1.1945 , a new beginning was made when Dr.Y.Simon appeared on the scene with genuine interest and enthusiasm and applied heart and soul into its service, that the association was reconstituted.

On 17th February 1945, resolutions were adopted to secure a building for the Association

Started functioning on the memorable day, 11-11-1947 in a small rented room.

A Nursery School was started by the Association in June 1962 with children

The untiring efforts of Mr.J.George, and the Board Members towards the completion building is unforttable.The building was dedicated on 24th December 1973.

A Coaching class for Hindi was started on behalf of the YMCA parassala on May 1st 2002, with Mrs.Latha as its teacher.

Focusing on the Computer Literacy of students, Computer classes were started on 18th September 2006. The Programme was inaugurated by the Rev. C. R.Vincent, president YMCA parassala

Rev. J. Gilbert Jose took charge as the new President of YMCA parassala May 2015.

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